Friday, 8 May 2015

A humming wednesday evening 2

From a humming wednesday evening

To the lovely Sunday morning

Amazing and beautiful

not a flower or a tree

Much prettier than that

and only I can see

Loving and caring

right down to the core

Filling me with happiness

and so much more

Eyes are so stunning

cannot look away

Gorgeous and shining

all throughout the day

Here in your arms

is where I belong

The beating of your heart

is like a beautiful songing...

It is the same poem (I would call a love song for you),yeah it is thesame poem I wrote for you that day, the day which you lovingly remember it always. It was a humming wednesday evening. While writing that poem, really really I never thought we'll remember this so much. I gave the title humming wednesday evening co-incidently we are humming that evening alot. It was december 3, the day which we may never forget in dream too, As the winter season showing its prencense with those lovely cool breeze you came like an angel to me. I was waiting for that day. 

My heart was ponding with a shock that I couldn't belive. The girl whom I love the most. The girl whom I worship with all my heart is sitting behind me in my bike. My god ! I couldn't belive it still, how I controlled myself from saying those three magical words to you that day. I said that day you were like the lighting in that humming wednesday. Dear! now I say you are the heartbeat to my life I said you that day you were like the first sun ray in morning which brights up this world. Princess! you are still the most beautiful sun ray who bright up my whole life.

yes! You bought a light to my life, a joy, a happiness, a care, a love, you have brighten my life in every ways which I couldn't explain in the combination of these 26 letters. My eyes, my soul, my heart will show you how much this small little idiot can love you.  Shall I tell you something which I never said to you still. I'm still in dilema wondering or dreaming how did I got this most beautiful soul on this world as my life partner. I never thought anyone could love me this much you love me from the core of your heart. Really, really you make my heart smile each & every second.
Hey yeah, I was talking about that evening. Now already 5 months as past over but that day an every second are still in my eyes. I'm thankfull to that evening it still gives a pleasant feeling whenever I remember.

Hey dear you have a surprise coming up in my writings ahead. After that dec 3 exactly after 39 days . The most beautifull thing happened in our life. I'm sure that no one in the world would approach on the midnight of greify sad night which later turned out to be the most beautiful lovely thing in our life. THE LOVELY SUNDAY MORNING(third part of hummin wednesday evening) let me write those things on other day. Now a special poem for you enjoy the upcoming 11th remembering this short poem for you. Feel it... Love it.. 

forever yours,

Your pretty face
your cute voice
leaves me to writing this
You beat the beauty of heaven
nothing makes it even
Your kindness is too much for hell
you're too much of an angel
what a smile
the whole world stops & stares for
more than a mile
you light my world
it's too much to afford
Carve your name to my heart
a girl that shot me faster than a dart... :*

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