Saturday, 5 November 2016


NOTE: Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people Falling in Love…

Though I was born 20 years back, but I felt alive 2 years ago when I met you. I didn’t know, you were the one whom destiny will choose for me, though it had to. Every time when I see the moon, I always say I have a perfect replacement of a partner after you. “ A lonely guy in a strange place, with a juvenile age, had a friend, partner- Moon”. It’s difficult to accept when someone you are used to gets a replacement. Even the Waves leaves the shores for a reason. But this, it happened to me in a moment…

Sshatakkk! Your face was the only thing I could imagine. I haven’t loved myself as much as I love you. Because when you love someone, you don’t remember about yourself and your presence is an illusion to yourself. Yeah! That is what unconditional love is all about. Days passed, dates changed, calendar shuffled, but the thing which did not turn over was My love for you. Having someone like you is something that no one can afford, I seem to be the prince of this fairy-tail. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that your presence and absence, both mean something to someone. I can see the whole world in your eyes because I know they are always searching me in this crowd. There are times when you say something in your mind and my heart comes to know, that is because silence always have an echo, and you must be able to hear it only in silence.

The day I saw you first time like that, ambitious, self-loving, strong and bold, I was hanged for an instance and that was the only time I couldn’t make the decision- whether to Praise you or to Love you. You have your own style of describing everything, you know what I’m saying, the Thirst of water thing.. How thirsty you were when we are climbing Nandi for first time! No one knows was it the thirst for water or….. Well, I just love those small idiotic mistakes you make and make those cute expressions… Yes! I get flattered on them. I cannot watch a deadly interesting match playing in-front of me, but ignoring your small, silly expressions, jokes, behaviour is not at all affordable for me.

Everyone have a hard time in their lives, we’ve got too. But they never seemed hard because you were the part of it, always with me and there for me. It’s Late Night now and I’m still here writing this because you gave me the reason to dream, to live, to resonate, you made me know who I’m, by making it difficult for yourself to change.

It’s over 2 years and I still get the dream of when we first met, the same place, same feeling, the only thing that changes every morning is more love in your eyes for me and a bigger and a dimple smile on your face. I think that is what really matters to me, your happiness. People say you fall in love only once, but I fall daily…with the same person. The only one thing that I would want to keep with myself forever is YOU. Because every day I want to fall in Love with you… The same way.

Yeah! Sun is up on a bright morning, it’s another day and I’m Falling in Love… Once Again…

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