Sunday, 17 August 2014

Luv u 2 <3

  I knew that you knew I love you a lot, more than anything else in this mortal world. I love you so much that I could not ever think of anything except you: you are my imagination, my inspiration, my breaths, my heartbeats…

Whenever I see sky in night, I remember, only one thing, Nisha, you, my love. You liked rain. I often saw you, from balcony of my apartment at eighth floor, a hand with green color bracelet coming out from balcony of third floor, trying to feel and collect the rain drops, as much as possible. Nisha, many times I took out my face and tried kissing the droplets, just for you, just to see that my feeling reaches you.

Once I met you in the elevator. You looked very happy. I could not believe my luck, Just you and me in that small lift. Door closed. A tiny gold bell rang in my ears and broke the dream I was dreaming from my very awaken eyes, “which floor?” I could not answer. I stumbled badly. Third floor came quicker than return of my consciousness. I still did not answered, “eighth floor”. Door opened and you left. I was awaiting you to look back at me. Door was closing… before I became disappointed, through slit of closing doors, I could see your lovely face turned back to trigger life again in just dying heart. My left foot was folded and resting on elevator’s wall. I do not know how long I was standing in the standstill elevator with close door imagining you standing beside me…

I met you again on same day in super market. You smiled when you found me staring at you, continuously, unable to take away my sight from you. I even forgot common etiquette. But your smile brought my conscious back. I felt quite embarrassing, caught staring a young girl in a crowded super market. I took away my eyes keeping your smile as static frame for them. While returning we came together and you started the conversation

“Hello, I am Nisha”



“nnn…nice… tttt… to meet you”

“We already met many times. Do you have name?”

“yyyyy…yeah, oh sss…sorry, aaa.. I am Vvvv… Vishal”

“Nice name, what do you do?”

[live for you, wait for you, try to feel your presence] “aaa…I rrr… write…”

“wow… a writer… what do you write?”

[about you, about my love, about my eternal love] “… sssss… story…”


That’s it. We talked little more about which floor I stay, about family, hobbies… We reached our apartment. There was an elderly pair waiting for elevator. No further talk, just a “bye” while you getting out at third floor.

I was still on seventh sky when I reached on eighth floor. I was feeling that you were with me. I could feel freshness of your presence … … …

[Ting Tong ... ... I was writing this page in my diary and was still writing when this door bell interrupted it..., ... ...after 10 minutes, I was breathing heavily. I tried to save this page from reaching you. The page was almost torn but finally it rested in your hands. You came to my house to know more about my stories and found me writing and simply snatched the page away... I tried stopping you but could not. You started reading it closing yourself in balcony and leaving me alone in living hall. I was feeling helpless and unable to follow you without my artificial leg. I tried, as a last attempt, pursuing you not to ruin me, "PPPP... please dddd... do not rrr... read it." But mercilessly you denied my request. I watched you through glass door... your expression was changing very fast. I was afraid. I was afraid to lose you... Then you looked at me and asked firmly, "Pen"... ... ... "I said PEN". I gave that to you... my only potent weapon. You wrote something on the page, opened the glass door, kept the page on the table and ran away. It took me few seconds to reach at table...]

… … … luv u 2

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