Tuesday, 10 February 2015

When they met in Paris part-4

“He… Heylooooooo? Mumma?”
Avni’s expressions now changed from shock to relief. It was her son Aarav.
“Hello beta Aarav, how are you? Kaise ho beta?”
“Mu… Mummy? Mumma kaha hai? Mummaaaa” Aarav was at his childish best.

Suddenly Avni felt a surge of emotions coming from within. She couldn’t hold back. Two tears rolled her cheeks. Aarav was the only reason she felt like going back to her home every day. Her husband Sujit wasn’t a bad guy at all. He was actually good and a very homely fellow. He made sure he came home on time, earlier than Avni on most days. He was very cordial and an emotional person. He was a family man and made sure he looked after every one in the house. Above all else, he loved Avni very much. He had never had an affair in is life, not even a good friend from the opposite sex. He never had a regret either. What he probably missed was intimacy. He could never win Avni in three years of their marriage. Because he could never understand her. Some times Avni thought he was the best husband on earth. But then they were hardly a match. Three years had passed, and here Avni was… sitting with the man she loved without knowing he loved her too. And on the other side of the phone was her husband and a doting father to her son.

Yuvraj watched Avni drift apart and walk in the alley ahead of them. She was not looking at him, but he could see her from her reflection on the large glass panels lining the alley. He could make out the tears that rolled on her cheeks. He was startled when Avni dragged her hand back. But he knew the meaning of it. It was a faint reminder that Avni was now married to Sujit. Although she thought she wasn’t happy, it was not her fault. He knew the reason for her unhappiness now. It was him. Only if he could have mustered some courage and composure to go and ask her for marriage. Only if she could have been a little less reluctant. Only if they bold were bold enough. Only if… there were too many variables.

Yuvraj knew there was nothing that could be done now. If any thing could have been done, it was with his life of her life. Nothing was possible together. He so much wanted to make her happy. But probably now the only way he could do it was by letting her to live her life. He was the hindrance. He had to move on…

Avni had been talking on phone for 10 minutes now. She had walked fair distance and almost forgot who she was with. She realized and turned backwards. The alley was relatively empty, except for few passengers passing by. She hung up and started walking back. Se came to the turn where she was earlier standing. Yuvraj wasn’t there. Her luggage was neatly stacked along the wall. In the front left pocket of her bag, there was a piece of paper tucked in. She pulled it out to see it was the copy of the bill along with the TGV ticket. Some thing was scribbled behind the bill.

“Hey Avni,

It was nice meeting you after a long time. But I guess its the time for me to go. Just wanted to tell you that you are the best person I have ever met. I wish I could say this every day to you. But I guess life has written different stories for us and we should honour that. I’m happy with what I am and I wish greatest happiness to you too.

Enjoy life and take care.
Luv, Yuvi”

A tear rolled on Avni’s cheeks again. But she wasn’t unhappy now. She had hoped for the best and life had thought the best for her. She punched some numbers on her mobile phone. “Hello, Sujit? Nothing… just wanted to say, I Love You!”

— End–

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