Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My dream of writing a bestseller

   I never knew, how I got the fondness towards writing. But I remember, during my school, teachers always appreciated me for my essays and write-ups. Also, all my friends encouraged me for writing stuffs for their girlfriend(s), which would unluckily be named after them, in front of their respective gf(s). My friends had been a great support for me and my writing.

Whenever I get struck at a point of no return, I just close my eyes and feel the vibes around me. Those strong vibes, which are probably the outcome of everyone’s love and blessings for me.

I had never thought of becoming a writer, not even in my dreams. Nor I am a good writer.

But whenever, I jot down or scribble words on a piece of paper and make them a complete sentence, people around me starts appreciating it and then I get these (this post) kind of stuff written in a minute or two.

Once I had filled up a form for Aptitude Test(AT) at that instance, I came across a solution for my unusual quest…

There was this blank space left for the answer of a simple question.. “Your dream carrier”.

Firstly, I wrote “An employable graphic designer. ”. But…

“Is this my real dream?” I thought for a while.

“yes”, My mind replied.

It is my real dream for which, I had protested against my parents on selection of science stream over commerce in junior college; For which, I had changed my branch  (from PCME to PCMC); For which, I had taken admission in a college, which is situated near my local place,


“Is this my real dream?”, I gave it a second thought.

I had always dreamed of becoming a top-class dancer, whose videos would inspire millions. I always had a soft corner for Dance, my passion. As they say, “passion is the best profession”, but they forgot to say, “passion is not always a wise profession” and that’s why, I had given up the idea of becoming a dancer.

But again…..

My heart skipped a beat or two and I however wrote “DANCER” after erasing my previous answer.

When I was about to submit that AT form, my fellow classmates read that word DANCER and started making fun of me, without any reason and I asked them the same, to which, the expected reply came, “Aren’t you matured enough to perceive a dream than just becoming a crazy dancer!”

These words crashed my soul and again made me think of writing something different.

But what would I write?; I wasn’t sure of anything other, nor did I wanted to fake it, as many of them had done.

But what would I replace it with?

Do I have any other qualities than just moving my body parts (I mean Dance) and studying?

“I am an average guy”, I said to myself.

But, “I am not perfectly average”, came a reply from my mind.

All my senses started searching for something inside me and ”my heart" and my mind.

Am I a sportsman? or Am I an idiot?

Am I funny? or Am I short of penny?

But nothing worked….

In between all these ongoing processes, my cell phone beeped.

“Facebook”, it displayed.

( XYZ person has commented on your note “Imagination”: Nice work buddy…), displayed my message screen.

This message made me think of all the previous comments on my note “IMAGINATION”..

Its a short little poem made by me. I slightly grinned looking at that message.

My quest had been solved. I hurriedly erased DANCER and wrote POET on that form…

Can I just write poems?, again a question aroused. And in a way, aroused me. (my temper..!!!)

Do I only have this much ink in my pen that can survive till the poem ends.

Can’t I write more than just rhyming those silly words at the end of each line?
So, this made my mind rule over my soul and I decided that, now whatever will I write, will be final.

And in this way, I wrote ” Author”..

“Just an ordinary author?” laughed my soul, poking my mind.

So, I wrote “of…” in continuity with the word AUTHOR, and it displayed like “Author of…”

Now, I had one more task, to fake a name of a book, which I might write in future.

But before that, my mind reacted again and asked “Will my book be just an ordinary one?”, which would be read only by my near and dear ones.

Wouldn’t it be popular among others?

Not just popular but a huge hit.

So, I wrote ” Author of a Bestseller”.

In this way, a new ray of hope and goodwill struck to both my mind as well as my soul. I submitted that form without further displaying it to anyone, as I was ashamed of showing my scratches to them over just a single question and that too an easy one.

In this way, my journey towards writing started…….


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