Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A tender love story

   I still remember when i first saw her,she was in a red top and blue jeans. She was so beautiful, that i couldn’t take my eyes of her.That was the first time i was feeling so much attracted to a girl.Her beautiful,cute face attracted my attention…
I was in 11th standard then. She was new to my school.

Next day, when i entered the class, i noticed her sitting in the third bench,middle row. I was surprised to see her in my class. I was continuously staring at her,she was sitting alone and seeing her i could sense her nervousness.I felt a sudden urge to go and talk to her but i stopped myself from doing so as it would have a bad impression on her.I waited for the right time.The teacher asked her to introduce herself.Her name was Ananya

Some days later,we were given a group project and fortunately we were in the same group.That day we talked for the first time.Her voice sounded so cute,i wanted to hear it again and again.After the classes was over,and i was going toward the bus,i heard a voice,

Adhi,can i have your no.?so that i can call u if i had any doubts about our project.”

I was not in my sense,seeing her beautiful eyes,i almost fell for her.However,i gathered some courage to reply and said,”sure,my no. is 810*****95.”

She said goodbye and went home.

I was waiting for her to message me,but she didn’t.Next day,after school,i received a message.It was Ananya’s message,a forwarded one.We started chatting on messages,Our friendship started growing.People started talking about us.Me and ananya both were aware of it,but we ignored.Ignorance is bliss!

It was almost a year when i finally proposed her.I was quite nervous,and afraid as well because i didn’t wanted to loose her friendship.At night,i finally decided to message her.

I messaged,”Ananya,from the first day i saw u,i couldn’t take u out of my mind,talking to u makes me happy,being with you makes me feel complete….i m madly in love with u..will you be mine forever??”

After sending this text my heartbeats increased to an abnormal rate.I was literally shivering.Suddenly,my phone beeped,it was her message.I opened it,it read ” Adhi,I m too in love with you,I was waiting for u to say…..this is the best day of my life…!!”

We both were on cloud nine,and the next day in class we couldn’t stop staring each other.We had fights but it never lasted long as we both couldn’t resist talking to each other.She was my best friend too,the closest to me.

2 years passed away soon and we were to decide were to go next.This was a very crucial period of both of our life.We never wanted to get separated but it is well said,

‘We never get what we want to have,it is just that we should find our happiness in what we get..! So we too decided to do that.We were now in two different cities,but that made no difference in our relationship instead it made our bond of love stronger..!

Today is the day of our marriage and we together succeeded to make our relationship sustain this longer and will do that till we live.Although,we faced a number of problems in bringing our relationship this far…but it truly deserves it..! The hardest part was convincing her family as they were conservatives.

Ananya was looking beautifully beautiful in her red wedding dress.She smiled to me when i entered the room,her smile was breathtaking.I hugged her tightly and gave her a slight kiss on her cheek.She whispered in my ears,”I had waited for this day for long,i m the luckiest girl to have u in my life,u make me feel complete…
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Thanks for my friend who helped me out;)

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