Sunday, 5 October 2014


  yes,5000 page viewers. It may not be a big number , it's a chicken feed compared to other blogs which reach 5000 with in a hour  but guys definately it is a number , I created this blog around the midst of 2013 but started blogging from the may this year..
  Intially my posts were inspired from many other blogs , even from my Dronacharya Ravi belagere's Hi bangalore! and Oh manase... now I'm growing independently , My "Heli hogu karana" & the thriller "Hunnimeya Nishabda" getting more viwers rather attracting more viewers.
   My blog & writing was started from the love letters[not for the personal use  though ;)]  then slightly started blogging about love and romantic stories now all my concentration & thinking is revolving around the one thriller story "Hunnimeya nishabda" and another romantic comedy story . 
    many say dream big to avhieve  , yes I'm dreaming big... my page viwers is 5000 by now , I'm sure one or other day it'll reach 50,000 mark . one of my other big dream is writting a novel! , may be its too early but the work has started, the dream is getting its shape....may be its a big dream , guys  dream does vome true..
    with all my headache internals , assignments , lab test , exams I'm making some time to update my blog.... please do come & read my posts n suggest my blogs to your knowns...
   finally a big thanks to all my friends Chaithanya,  Vinay , Ramya , Sindhu , Kishore , Naveen , Sanjay , Aishu , Madhu , Manu , Shonali , Nandan and the list goes on.... it's my heartfull thanks to all my readers and to YOU! Thank you , Thanks alot !!

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