Wednesday, 5 November 2014


There is someone, made only for you,
To guide you on a small journey called life.

There is someone, to take care of you,
That will walk with you for whole life.

There is someone, which thinks of time shared with you,
And always leave you with loving words.

There is someone, that can read your mind very well,
Even though you are unable to express it.

There is someone, more trust worthy,
To share your feelings, happiness, sorrow…..

There is someone, which will always treat you alike
Putting aside the differences in character.

There is someone that will always be inspiration for you,
Like a ray of light cutting the black stratum of sky whilst dawn.

Words will fall short to write about someone,
But I feel everyone should have the experience of someone;
To state someone
Dedicated to someone ;)

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